Seven corporate responsibility issues we’ll be writing about in 2011

We’ve just been setting the editorial agenda for Ethical Corporation during some of the rest of 2011.

The below is not all we’ll write about, (or they would be rather long pieces) but here are a few of the upcoming articles and briefings we’ll be producing during the summer of 2011:

1) NGOs – Have the big guns sold out to big business? Who does a good job, and where?

2) Engaging suppliers on sustainability – How are the biggest companies approaching the issue?

3) Integrated reporting, and EU/Carbon/Water reporting rules, shifts and requirements

4) Crisis management: How do you prepare for a crisis in advance, if you can. And what do you do when it breaks?

5) Corporate responsibility in Spain, South Korea, Turkey – How they approach the issue

6) The Consumer Goods Forum and sustainability: Does it cut the mustard? (or indeed any other condiment in need of slicing)

7) Big oil, gas and mining: What’s the state of play in responsible business, and which ethical pressures are they coming under at home and abroad?

One thing did occur to us, rather whimsically: Is the ultimate corporate responsibility story by Ethical Corporation about reporting and transparency on diversity and empowerment in supply chains in corruption-minded countries run by dodgy politicians? I think it just might be.


  1. Ryan

    I think the ultimate corporate responsibility story from Ethical Corporation in 2011 is whether all of the corporate claims, sustainability reports, and press releases about 2015 and 2020 targets are actually having a POSITIVE impact on the world, or is just slowing down the destruction.

  2. Ryan

    I forgot to mention that I think #1 in the list is great. There is also a good book out there on this called Green, Inc. that talks about the various NGOs and connections to corporations, with a particular focus on Conservation International as the author worked there.

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