Rumours rumours, everywhere, and much claret to drink

Last week on Friday we had one our lunches with key contacts, apeing how private eye, the magazine we love, do it for story ideas. Damn good fun, and lots of useful information from the folks around the table. All off the record, so one can’t name names.

Interesting to hear what some NGO types think of Fairtrade, and answers on a postcard about which big NGO is debating whether to take money from business or not.

One of the most interesting topics for debate, (from the 6 of us, half were from non-profits, one think tanker and two hacks) was whether NGOs can both campaign and collaborate. Greenpeace’s experience is definately mixed, and FoE don’t really bother. WWF is the test case, was the consensus around the table, and the mixed signals business complains about from them are the main part of the problem, apparently.

More to come on this topic, and perhaps an article on WWF on the subject at some point. And, I found out you cannot recycle VHS video tapes. Bugger, readers, do you have any suggestions for my favourite films collection, now useless since my video broke a year ago?

Toby, Editor

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