Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Banco Real

You knew it was coming.

Another book on values/responsibility from one of the old school ‘guru’ management theorists.

Porter now gets it, so does Senge. And now Kanter has a new book out.

“SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good”
is to be published soon.

It looks like a good read from the extract linked above. Kanter has always been one of the progressive theorists.

And to take some aspects of the work of Jim Collins on the importance of values and explore it as strategic guidance for business ought to gain anyone’s interest.

She’s looking at firms like IBM, Banco Real and Cemex, the Mexican cement company.

I like this quote from the extract. Simple, but something a lot of companies should take on board:

“Not everything is good, true, and beautiful, of course. There are potential pitfalls. One is foolish choices, in which, for example, social commitments do not have an economic logic that sustains the enterprise by attracting resources. Another pitfall is the creation of heightened expectations that are difficult to fulfill, leading to disappointment when performance falls short of the ideal or cynicism about whether company leaders really believe the lofty words in their statements of values”.

Wise words. Better to do something small, well, then do more, than promise big change and fail to deliver.

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