Rocking Kasbahs with fund managers? hmm…

This morning as I yawn over my coffee and scroll through our spam, sorry, newsdesk account, a particular email catches the attention.

Ethical Corporation’s (un)esteemed journalists have been invited to a fund management summer media party.

But not just any party. This one is guaranteed, apparently, to offer us the chance to “rock the Kasbah” in “opulent Moroccan surroundings” in one of London’s most stylish venues.

Call me a bluff old traditionalist but I do find it hard to imagine fund managers rocking out, or Kasbah-rocking, at a media party at 6.30pm on a May evening. Would that it were dear reader.

Still, hubristic advertising has its impacts. Now we HAVE to go, just to report on the potential Kasbah rocking that might take place. And it might be fun too.

Whatever you say about the city, they usually do decent booze.

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