Risk/crisis management top of the list for EU retailers

It’s a bold statement to make, but I think you could argue this is true.

I’m basing this entirely on a workshop I ran with Brendan May of the Robertsbridge Group yesterday in Brussels for members of the BSCI from across Europe.

Brendan and I trained around 35 retail CR and supply chain representatives over the course of the day and it seemed clear to me that both basic risk management and crisis planning is top of their list right now, almost entirely focused on the supply chain.

I guess that’s not a surprising finding, given the reactive nature of most retailers.

We trained (well, they trained themselves/each other mostly!) them on what the drivers are for retail supply chain managers to be engaged with CR and particularly communications, on how to deal with the media, reactively and pro-actively. We used quite a few real life cases, and in the afternoon put them in groups to solve a real crisis that’s happened recently to a company.

The audience was enthusiastic and very keen for more information on how to handle tough supply chain situations and communications. We’ll be holding another one soon, and more later in the year in the UK and in Europe.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to our pages on the website about training, and the workshops we can offer around the world via our network of experts.

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