A real job for the World Economic Forum

Davos is all well and mediocre. The CEOs, lobbyists and fawning politicians all get together, at shareholder and taxpayer expense, and spout platitudes about responsible/sustainable/trusted business. Then they all fly home.

Perhaps 20 CEOs sign a letter calling for sustainable agriculture/water/CO2 limits/insert issue here.

Does it make a difference?

A bit perhaps. But not much.

It does make the CEOs feel good about their 50K-200K spend on Davos though.

Here’s a job for the World Economic Forum: Get 100 CEOs, get 250, get 500 CEOs, to sign a Magna Carta on sustainability by 2012. Or 2013. Soon.

The Magna Carta will be holistic. It will be challenging. It will set politicians tasks, deadlines, purpose.

Democracy alone ain’t cutting it. A 100 CEOs, or better, 250 or 500 CEOs, calling out our spineless governments on sustainability, might just work.

There’s a REAL job for the World Economic Forum.

Better that than continued massage of fevered egos.

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  1. I don't want anyone to sign anything. We have been there and done that and nothing much changes. We have to start alernative forums where real people are doing real things and lead by example. Eventually we will draw in the old boys club.

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