Reader views on good books about sustainability

A while back I posted a link about books and asked which ones readers like and would suggest.

Here’s the original post.

Here’s what the readers said about their favourite books, FYI:

David Coethica said…
David Grayson’s Corporate Social Opportunity stands out for me.

Nathan Schock said…
Green to Gold was excellent. I also really liked John Grant’s Green Marketing Manifesto.

Toby Webb said…
How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth and Socail Good
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Jason S said…
– Sustainability by Design by John Ehrenfeld
– Down to Earth by Forest Rhinehardt

Roberta Cardoso said…
The Necessary Revolution (Peter Senge) is wonderful! We’re not going to reach sustainable development trough teeny incremental changes. It’s going to take bold ideas!

Helen Seibel said…
The Sustainability Advantage is pretty good. Especially at calculating the cost of NOT doing it. Written by Canadian Bob Willard.

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