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This short video of Kevin Spacey explaining Twitter to David Letterman is interesting, if only for demonstrating the quick reach of new media.

Spacey tells Letterman he has 800,000 followers, “probably more than watch this show”.

I quite like Letterman’s final rejoiner: “You know what it reminds me of? Oh yeah, I know, a waste of time”.

Depends how you use it I guess.

But Twitter faces the same challenge as all multi-stakeholder media: How can you easily enable people to find quality among the trash?

Social media is going to be key in communicating the complex issues around responsible business/sustainability to a wider audience. If used well.

Clearly corporate personalities online do not work very well.

People relate to other people, not artificial creations.

Ethical Corporation has a facebook group. We have some friends, it seems to work a bit.

Same with Twitter. You can find us here.

But it does feel strange to me when I look at our corporate pages.

How can you be friends with a logo?

Being pragmatic of course, we give away easy links to free content on the group, and people like it.

It makes it easier for them to read our articles. So it works, kind of.

But it still feels odd.

We need to inject more personality into it. That should be part of my job, I think. (Note for next team meeting).

These are early days, and interesting times.

I’m on twitter here

Ethical Corporation is here.

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