Poverty and development, a useful article on Asia Pulp & Paper

Does chopping down rainforests for pulp and paper help alleviate poverty in Indonesia?

It’s a question being posted over at Mongabay.com, an environmental news website.

The answer is obviously no. But the question has been asked, and answered positively by logging and paper companies.

One way to look at the question is to consider what happened to Easter Island. As Jared Diamond points out in the excellent book “Collapse”, the population cut down all the trees and then had to find somewhere else to live.

The same could happen to parts of Indonesia.

Of course, sustainable forestry is entirely possible. When it’s done properly.

However, if you are interested in a complex tale of how it’s not being done, and the effects that is having, then this article may be of interest.

Further on the topic, this article series we have just begun, on poverty, disaster relief and development, may also be useful to bookmark.

And here’s some further opinion on APP’s new arrangement with Habitat for Humanity to greenwash their activities in Indonesia. Worth a read!

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