The pointlessness of survey companies

It must be survey season.

I’ve had about a dozen calls from survey companies this last couple of months, asking for 25-45 minutes of time to answer mostly multiple choice questions on their client.

They generally offer £50 to charity. Although one was as stingy as £35.

Most of the time the questions are hopeless for informing on corporate strategy or reputation.

I actually think unless the whole interview is made up of open questions and they have someone who knows both the company and about sustainability / ethics to go over the responses, these things actually do more harm than good.

One third or less of the way through the survey, one gets bored (knowing the thing is unhelpful to the company due it its lack of nuance) and simply says, “pick C for the rest of this section”, just to speed things up.

Am I right in suggesting the multiple choice CSR survey has more than had its day?

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