Pods ahoy! A selection of new Ethical Corp podcasts

Because our energetic China editor Paul French (he’s on a health kick, and you can tell) has been putting us all to shame here in London by producing lots of great podcasts recently, we’ve had to raise our game.

So here’s a few recent new podcasts from Ethical Corporation below, in our usual eclectic fashion.

Yes there is some background noise and the odd stumbling question from yours truly.

But some of them are what the younger, bus-stop orientated generation might call “well good innit”. (At least those who live next to me on the Caledonian road in London)

They cover business and biodiversity, China (x2) labour issues and wages, sustainable agriculture supply chains, ethics risks, and what the Economist newspaper thinks about business and sustainability.

A virtual smorgasbord, no less. (That should be the collective noun for podcasts)

Here’s the latest list for your delectation and delight:

Biodiversity and corporate responsibility: Business drivers and action

Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor, the Economist on BP, sustainability, ethics and strategy

Truvia podcast: Growing a sustainable supply chain in Argentina

Factories, wages and labour shortages in Southern China in 2011 – A podcast with Alexandra Harney

Big business and political, social and economic risks – A rocky road ahead

China Wages in 2011 and labour shortages in the Yangtze River Delta – A podcast with Bill Dodson

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