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I haven’t posted on here for a while. We’ve been busy publishing on the main Innovation Forum site, which has hugely increased traffic in the last few months.

We think this is due to our audio content, which is proving extremely popular, we think because a) its pretty good and b) its a flexible format you can listen anywhere.

Our weekly podcast / internet radio show is working really well and my colleague Ian Welsh has done a superb job making it into must-listen stuff, whether its human rights or environmental issues you are interested in.

As we know, they are more than ever, inter-related these days, finally.

So here’s a sample below of our recent analysis. I know many you get the Innovation Forum weekly news brief (top right of the website to sign up, if you don’t, all GDPR compliant!) already, but you may have missed some of these below.

Also important (to us anyhow, and I hope to you) is our events schedule for the rest of 2018, which pays for all this.

If you haven’t tried an Innovation Forum event, then please do. They are NOT as other conferences, being totally focused on THE key questions in the particular area we are tackling at each event, and on debate, discussion and practical engagement, not dull PPT slides and endless introductions.

Take a look below for more.

Some recent insight, which I am SURE you will find some of useful in your work:

Why the RSPO and Nestlé saga leaves questions unanswered
While everyone is friends again, the debate over the pros and cons of palm oil certification has not been resolved. It may never be. Click here to read this important story

Is the ICT sector tackling forced labour risks?
A new study shows that many hi-tech companies still face significant modern slavery risks

Weekly podcast: how to use natural capital accounting to drive success, and what the finance sector can do for palm oil
The benefits of valuing natural capital, palm oil finance and how to identify vulnerable workers in supply chains

This is our weekly show, with some great interviews with Natural Capital Coalition boss, BNP Paribas on sustainable palm oil incentives, and important insight on worker/human rights with Ulula boss Antoine Heuty.

Anglo American: using targets to catalyse action
The company’s FutureSmart Mining initiative is designed to boost performance and corporate value

I’ve been following AngloAmerican and their work on sustainability since 2001, and this is a superb interview if you are interested in how a leading extractive company looks at sustainability strategy today. Here’s an interview I did a couple of years ago with former CEO Cynthia Carroll. Both interviews are WELL worth listening to.

Mars: using science-based targets to reduce impacts
Ashley Allen, climate and land senior manager, Mars, talks with Toby Webb about the company’s stretching commitments on climate change.

I’ve not met many an executive as capable as Ashley at a) reeling off so many complex numbers without notes, and b) offering such concise clarity on climate change strategy for a food company. She will go far. Mars are a breath of fresh air in a foods/FMCG sector often beset by private equity/shareholder pressure. Something to be said for being privately-held…

Weekly podcast: how to boost smallholder livelihoods, and modern slavery risk trends to watch
Is slavery the biggest corporate human rights risk? Plus how to engage smallholders to help them achieve their customers’ targets

Excellent episode of our weekly show, looking at specifics of both human rights risk and the pressures/challenges/opportunities around smallholder farmers and palm oil, with Fitrian from IDH, who really knows his stuff.

Novo Nordisk: how the SDGs are shaping the future of corporate behaviour
Susanne Stormer, vice-president corporate sustainability, Novo Nordisk, explains to Ian Welsh why the sustainable development goals seem to have caught the imagination, arguing that they provide the roadmap that business require to establish their corporate purpose

The legendary (almost!) Susanne has been crafting and directing cutting-edge strategy at Novo Nordisk for years. Here she explains why the SDGs are such a great roadmap, and shouldn’t just have existing work plastered on top of them. Use them to innovate she says, well worth listening to!

The sprint to 2020: Partnerships in action to end commodity-driven deforestation.
In this webinar, in collaboration with TFA2020, an expert panel discuss examples of partnership in action to end commodity-driven deforestation, something that is particularly pressing given how close we are getting to 2020 – a deadline for the implementation of many corporate commitments on supply chain deforestation. The panel also reflect on the work of TFA2020 and in particular its new annual report – titled the Sprint to 2020.

Marco Albani and his colleagues at TFA2020 have really taken the deforestation agenda to higher, and importantly, to government levels in the last few years. Kudos to them. In this webinar/audio discussion we look back at the how, the why and what’s next as the all-important deadlines of 2020 approach.

Landscape approach: the big picture solution
Tackling deforestation, and all the associated challenges, does need companies to think holistically and collaborate
Confused by what the landscape approach means? Allow us to explain in this short brief.

Discuss all this kind of thing at these debate-driven, no-nonsense gatherings we are hosting later this year, join us at:

How business can measure the impact – and ROI – of corporate sustainability – 2-3 October – Detroit
The two-day conference will highlight the most effective methods currently used by business to measure tangible and intangible impacts of their sustainability programs. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the different tools and techniques available, whilst assessing what has really worked for companies in practice.
Click here to check out the agenda in full

How business can tackle plastic pollution – 16-17 October – Amsterdam
This conference will take a pragmatic look at the latest developments in product design, recycling infrastructure and the innovations that can make the right plastics sustainable. Over the two days, we will equip business delegates with the guidance to develop and implement strategies for reducing plastic footprints.
Many of the big players, focused on solutions, all in one place. Click here to see

Modern slavery, forced labour and human rights – 18-19 October – London
This forum is designed to provide the practical tools to protect human rights and mitigate the risk of abuses in company supply chains. The conference format will be of facilitated debate and discussion. PowerPoint and boring videos are banned.
The two day discussion will equip business delegates with the guidance to develop and implement robust human rights strategies, whilst remaining compliant with all emerging legislation.
As modern slavery requirements spread, here’s all you need in one place. Click for more

Sustainable Landscapes Conference – 6-7 November 2018 – London
This forum will bring together each of the key themes and players from our previous events on smallholder farmer resilience, deforestation and sustainable agriculture. The Sustainable Landscapes Conference will tackle the biggest issues faced by business in creating a net positive impact and ensuring sustainable and resilient agricultural supply chains.
This event combines our work on smallholder agri, deforestation and sustainable commodities in one. Click to see who’s coming

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