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Plans and trends for 2019 in sustainable business

Hello readers, I hope you’ve had a great start to the year.

We’ve got quite a lot on at Innovation Forum, with the below events planned, and our free publishing there to support them all and debate some of the key issues publicly.

So here’s what we’ve got planned, and I hope to see some of you at our planned debate-driven events this year!

Innovation Forum 2019 schedule:

How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour – London, 2nd – 3rd April

Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference – Amsterdam, 9th – 10th April

How business can tackle modern slavery, forced labor and human trafficking – 30th April – 1st May

The Future of Food – Chicago, 22nd – 23rd May

The Future of Food – London, 4th – 5th June

(Both are all about trust, transparency, traceability and consumer engagement)

Proving positive impact: How can big business work with ESG and Impact investors to demonstrate value and values? – London, 18th – 19th June

Is bioenergy sustainable? How biofuels will fit into the energy mix by 2030 – Brussels, 25th June

Sustainable Landscapes Conference – London, November (including awards)

How business can tackle plastic pollution – Europe, October

How business can measure the impact – and ROI – of corporate sustainability – Detroit, October

If interested in any of these, please do contact us! 

Meanwhile, here some recent analysis and podcasts you might find useful:

Opinion: Could an innovative Green New Deal kick start 2019? – Paul Hohnen

Everyone agrees that auditing processes are unsatisfactory. A combination of on-the-ground empowerment and a rethink of how auditors are paid could help

Podcast: Weekly podcast: how satellite data analysis can transform supply chains, and ETI, Coca-Cola and Walmart on point of recruitment risks – Ian Welsh

Podcast: How to link reporting to better corporate decision-making – Eric Hespenheide and Ian Welsh

Podcast: Freshfields on brands’ evolving modern slavery supply chain risks – Michelle Bramley and Ian Welsh