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Palm oil debate, lawsuits, agri-tech & sustainability and Scott’s soapbox

Here’s the latest of the podcast series Scott Poynton, founder of TFT (The Forest Trust) and I are doing this year.

In this edition we talked about the demise of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge, the IOI vs. RSPO lawsuit closure, Resolute vs. Greenpeace (briefly), why talking to critics is really the best way. We also discussed agricultural technology and what it will mean for sustainable business, both good and bad, and I suggest we buy Scott a new soapbox to stand on.

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  1. Alex Nichols

    Thank you gents. Good to listen about IPOP. One of my client refused to have anything to do with it. The CEO there told me he simply doesn’t see the value of it. His is a medium-large producer company. He is focused on expanding RSPO certified plantation hectares. I would like him to push a little beyond this; eg, planting trees (rather than claiming zero deforestation which is a tricky thing to track).
    So, in principle, am I wrong!? (Conscious of the title of one of your publications, Scott, on this subject!).

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