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Our recent analysis: Palm oil transparency, food system collaboration, modern slavery litigation risk, plastic micro-fibres & circular strategies

So here’s some of our recent analysis, podcast and webinars published on https://innovation-forum.co.uk in recent weeks.

I hope you find them useful. All designed to be short, sharp, insightful and practical. And all free. You can’t argue with that. See below.

The radical supply chain transparency solution

The latest palm oil supply disclosures from Unilever and Nestlé demonstrate the progress required to meet corporate targets

Collaboration that ensures food security and protects ecosystem services

The future for agriculture is to feed future generations while reducing environmental costs

Litigation risk focuses minds on modern slavery

While some existing laws are changing, new legal risks are emerging for companies on forced labour and human rights

Small particles with big plastic pollution impact

Industry-level answers are required to tackle the ever-growing problem of microfibre pollution from apparel

Further recent analysis:

Opinion: It’s cash that counts for development goal success – IF editorial team

Podcast: Plastic packaging that really disappears in landfill and the oceans? – Robert Pocius and Ian Welsh

Opinion: Circular economy back in fashion – IF editorial team

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