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Opening post

Welcome to the new joint Ethical Corporation Editor’s blog.

This blog aims to be a forum for the views and comments of Ethical Corporation’s editors and writers all over the world.

Every participating writer/editor has committed to write one post a week, and so between us we should be able to keep this blog pretty up to date.

Our editors and writers are based in London, Shanghai, Dallas, Buenos Aires, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai and in various other parts of the globe.

So who are we? Well, our main site is Ethical Corporation,

Each month our writers and editors produce the content of Ethical Corporation magazine, our print edition, and, our website. Our writers and editors also product special reports, like these: (Education and ethics) and this, the latest one, on finance and ethics:

Among the writers who we hope will contribute to the blog (hint guys!) are John Russell, Deputy Editor, Lisa Roner, North America Editor, Zara Maung, Roving Reporter, Paul French, China Editor, Oliver Balch, Latin America editor. Time will tell who the best posters will be!

Ethical Corporation also produces reseach reports, like these:

We also host around a dozen conferences a year on corporate responsibility, and will aim to report back from them on the blog over the course of the year. Our events are on wide variety of business issues, see for more details.

Right, that’s it for the first post, check out the main site and more will be posted soon!

Toby Webb, Founding Editor