Online Training course on Corporate Responsibility launched

I’ve teamed up with Mallen Baker to launch an online training course on corporate responsibility management.

The course is for executives, managers, and anyone interested in the field of CR / Sustainable Business management and strategy. 

Here’s the course website where you can sign up for more information. 

The course is competitively priced. Your company might even pay for it.

Here’s a bit more on it: 
The course is made up of 8 modules covering the full range of issues and
activity of corporate responsibility. 

Each module is made up of video
lectures, broken up into small chapters, which enables you to watch at
the time that is convenient for you. 

Each module will include an
assignment designed to get you to engage actively with the topic. 

can add questions to any of the videos and / or take part in the regular
Q&A live video chat sessions.

Who’s it for?

The course is excellently suited for you if you are:

  • Someone keen to get into CR from another discipline
  • A CR manager in an emerging market who wants to understand best practice from around the world
  • A junior CR executive, keen to move to the next level
  • An executive that has been tasked with this area who wants to understand it and execute it properly
  • A senior executive who wants to see if there’s something they’ve missed
  • A head of CR looking for something effective to put the rest of the
    team onto to challenge them and push their understanding further

    More on the course is here. It starts in April 2013.

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