Online debate on managing the social issues in palm oil

There’s a webinar happening, all about social impacts of palm oil production.

It starts at 9AM GMT on Friday 21st Feb for an hour or so.
This debate looks at the social impacts of palm oil production; the good and the bad, where different industry actors are today, and how they need to proceed in order to achieve the goal of sustainably produced palm oil.

This live debate is online and free to join. It’s supported by the RSPO. 
Participants: Marcus Colchester, Senior Policy Advisor at Forest Peoples Programme, Lanash Thanda, President at Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA), Keith Boyfield, Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, UK. Moderated by Nadine Hawa, Site Editor at
Marcus Colchester, Lanash Thanda and Keith Boyfield
Register here:

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