One man protest show at London Partnerships Conference

This morning, live from the Ethical Corporation Partnership’s conference in London, we have a one man protest show. Mike Brady, of Baby Milk Action, is standing outside. Well, he was, for about half an hour.

Recently Mr Brady has protested to us that Nestle are allowed to attend one of our other conferences – imagine the scandal – and is upset that Nestle are speaking at this event.

So outside he stands, a one man protest whirlwind.

Readers are invited to read his withering comments about us at:


Judge for yourself whether we are indeed a bunch of corporate greenwashers at:


Toby Webb, Editor


  1. Sarah Louise Hosking

    Honorary Nestle Chairman Helmut O Maucher states:

    ‘Ethical decisions that injure a firms ability to compete are actually immoral’

    If Nestle actually expect people to believe that they are an ethical and responsible corporation with staff on board that quote the above then they are stupid as well as corrupt. Persons that operate a supposed Ethical publication who choose to swallow Nestles version of Corporate Social Responsibility must be lacking in brain capacity or as corrupt as Nestle. Mr Webb take off those blinkers, unblock those ears and do your own homework in future rather than believing the b******t which you have so obviously been fed by the Nestle spin docs.

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