Obesity in China, and McDonald’s

The Fat, And Well, The More Fat Actually

Two press events last week worth covering in Shanghai:

Event 1: Pan Beilei, a deputy director with the State Food and Nutrition Consultant Committee announces that 60 million Chinese (equal to the population of France – but presumably somewhat heavier) are now officially obese;

Event 2: Gary Rosen, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s China, announces that McD’s (the Kings of Fat) are stepping up efforts to attract mothers with young children in China, because they are a group that has been ignored by marketers in China. Rosen said there “…is a huge opportunity here with women, with mothers, to start talking to mothers here on their level…. That’s not something that’s been done historically.”

Now, before anyone says that McD’s aren’t doing anything but selling fat, that’s not quite true. Of course, fat is mostly what they sell, and there maybe not be salads on the menu as in Europe and the US, but there has been the introduction of a steamed corn cup and grilled chicken sandwich to the usual fatty beef obsessed menu.

The fat giant also plans to test new playgrounds called “Ronald Gyms,” so that its young customers can be more physically active at its restaurants – though just a month or so ago, all the McD’s talk in China was about drive-thrus, which don’t really encourage exercise that much, except of the vocal chords shouting at the intercom.

Additionally, despite there being no laws requiring it, McDonald’s says it will begin printing the nutritional content of its foods on wrappers and other packaging this month.

But how come the Ronald Gyms are only for kids?

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  2. I believe that, Mc Donald's has nothing to do with morbidly obese people. They just serve food, that's it. It is those parents or providers who fail to monitor the food intake of their siblings are the one who should take the burden and not the company. However, if the case becomes worse. Medical Tourism Philippines said that, we should consider the threat of overweight status may bring to our beloved ones to avoid future ailments.

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