New year blogging resolutions

Welcome back loyal blog readers, or random first timers. After a 2 week christmas break, 
the Ethical Corp bloggers are back. 

What have we been up to over the break? Well, writing articles on Latin America from Brazil and Venezuela (me). Finishing another book and promoting it (Paul) and travelling around India and working on a big feature for the magazine (Poulomi). No doubt Oliver (Latin America Editor) has been up to some travelling shenanigans too, he will update in due course.

So what are our New Year’s resolutions? 

Firstly to get more of us writing on the blog. At the moment it’s a UK, India and China blog, (with Me, Paul French 
and Poulomi Saha doing most of the blogging.

So our first resolution is to get more European writers, more North American writers and more 
contributions from Latin America (though we have had a good few from there). 

Secondly we need to get our magazine out on time. Its got really delayed in January, so getting it out about 2 weeks earlier is a pretty hefty ambition to try and achieve.

Finally, we failed in our reporting commitments for 2006. We promised an impact report on our website (www.ethicalcorp.com) and couldn’t get it done for various reasons too many to name here (contact editor@ethicalcorp.com for details as to why). So doing something on our impact and making sure we are acting as progressively as we can is pretty crucial too.

Other resolutions can wait for now, more later no doubt.

Toby Webb, Editor

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