New podcast series on sustainability and corporate responsibility in China

I’ve just published a series of four podcasts with our China editor Paul French, on the situation there in 2010 with regard to CSR.

Here’s the link to the series.

Highlights of the series to me:

The rise of silent protest in China. The notion of ‘strolling’ in Chinese can now mean walking around in largely silent groups in public places to show unhappiness without attracting the undue attention of the police.

Green clubs, NGOs and volunteers. How some NGOs and ‘Green Clubs’ are having to rein in their local volunteers from becoming too active on issues such as pollution, and upsetting the government,

Labour standards and audit fraud, and unpaid wages. As margins are squeezed, orders fall and money gets tighter, there’s a greater propensity to cheat on ethical auditing and data.

Opportunity lost to engage suppliers. The recession and the drop in sourcing was a missed opportunity to engage Chinese suppliers on CSR.

Companies still demonstrating double standards. How have things improved in the last couple of years when it comes to how big companies are engaging Chinese subsidiaries and consumers on sustainability and corporate responsibility?

Hope these are useful. Paul’s been working in China for 22 years and runs a market research firm from Shanghai, so he’s seen a fair few companies come and go.

The full text briefing in HTML and PDF on corporate responsibility in China can be found here.

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