New podcast on the coming “great disruption”

I spent 45 minutes with Paul Gilding on Friday. Here’s the podcast link.

Paul was once head of Greenpeace International, then founded a consultancy, Ecos, and has now written a book that’s well worth a read.

The book summarises the current environmental agenda, then suggests that around 2018 we’ll start to see just how serious environmental issues have become for global economics.

Following that, Paul predicts a period of great turmoil and economic stagnation, followed by revival on a more sustainable basis, world-wide.

The book makes bleak reading in the first third, but gets into solutions fairly quickly and proposes a blue print for the future. It’s not going to be in any way easy, Paul predicts, but there is a way out of the ‘coming crisis’, he suggests.

It’s about time we started becoming a bit more practical about the future, if the science is right (and it certainly doesn’t look good if it is).

My view is the book is well worth a read. Here’s the podcast to help make up your mind.

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