My kind of CSR Report: GlaxoSmithKline’s new tome

After moaning about the size and weight of boring CSR reports from companies on this blog before, it was a pleasant surprise to get GSK’s new report “A human race” this week in the mail.

At a very sleek 18 pages its well laid out (if a little dull in design), informative and gives you the headlines you want about the company. A lot more is online and the reader is directed there in simple fashion, without absurdly long links or obscure references. And best of all, there are no beaming stakeholders bursting from its pages.

If companies are going to print and mail these out (I know, we should complain about print marketing, with our conference mailings!) then this is a good example of something readable, and relatively humble in appearance. Well done to GSK.

Now, for the content…we’ll come back to that when I have read it in more detail.

Toby Webb, Editor

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