Mote on China going green, from the New Yorker

From Paul French, our China editor, in Shanghai:

Worth noting a very good article on China’s ‘green revolution’ in the New Yorker by their correspondent in Beijing, Evan Osnos.

Osnos has written a number of interesting articles from China for the New Yorker in the last couple of years including on the situation of African traders in Guangzhou and an in-depth look at Hu Shuli, who until her recent resignation was the pioneering editor of Caijing magazine, the closest thing China has had so far to a campaigning journalism magazine.

Osnos’s article echoes some of the issues raised in my China Column in the December issue of Ethical Corporation but with some more historical background to China’s apparent embracing of green tech.

As its Copenhagen time the New Yorker has opened access to the article on its site: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/12/21/091221fa_fact_osnos

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