Most read on this blog: The top ten posts of 2010

Morning all. I’ve been looking at which posts in 2010 had the most clicks/views on my blog.

Here’s the list below. An interesting mix of reputation, environmental, social and communications-related posts.

Here’s what was most popular for some of 2010 on our main site, Ethical Corporation, so you can make a comparison.

(There’s a regular readership of somewhere between 25,000 and 75,000 for EthicalCorp.com, depending on how and when you measure it. This blog has a smaller audience: there’s around 500 of you getting the email updates and about a 1000-2000 who regularly view blog posts, as far as I can work out/guesstimate!)

Top clicked posts on the blog in 2010, in order:

1) Who are the leading companies in sustainability?

2) The absurdity of fake green rankings

3) Sustainable farming in the UK, a podcast and some thoughts

4) Why Unilever should sack Bell Pottinger

5) A very simple look at the start of the cocoa supply chain

6) The eight biggest issues in European CSR

7) Six tips on engaging suppliers in sustainability

8) Sustainability, CSR and 70 years of books

9) Unilever raises sustainability bar, but neglects the markets

10) “Content marketing” is the future of sustainable communication

Ethical Corporation’s editorial calendar for 2011 is here. I’d be very interested in any comments on the subject of what we’ve missed.

Have a great weekend.

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