More on what Durban climate change negotiations mean for business

Here’s a couple of of excellent blog posts on what Durban means for companies.

First up, the excellent Valuestreaming blog (I don’t know what value streaming is, but the blog is great) has this post:

“COP-Out”- The Durban Climate Talks and the Tragedy of the Climate Commons. Will Business Innovation Save the World?

Secondly, the ever-thoughtful Marc Gunther has this piece: Making sense out of Durban

Finally, AlertNet reports how large Indonesia companies, including the cuddly APP, had their economic and lobbying fingerprints all over that country’s contribution to the negotiations.

Fairly soon, big Western companies threatened by change, won’t be funding anti-climate change action lobbying as much as the big emerging market companies. They will fight hard to keep the status quo. That’s worth noting.

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