More on media ethics, or lack of them

This recent article, about two would be criminals who wanted to sell a memory stick of photos of royal celebrities is interesting.

The pair in questions contacted the Sun newspaper wanting to sell the photos.

They were offered £25,000. But demanded £50,000 and were then reported to the police by the Sun. This lead to their prosecution.

What’s interesting is that the judge “said it was to The Sun’s credit that they reported the matter to police”.

But didn’t mention that the Sun only did this when (according to the Telegraph article linked above), the memory stick thieves demanded double what was offered.

So buying ‘stolen’ pictures for £25,000 would have been fine then, according to the Judge, considering he failed to mention this, which he must have known.

Perhaps there’s more to this story than meets the eye. But if not, it’s very odd. And is demonstrative of the protected status of the UK newspapers even when they commit illegal and unethical acts.

Which other industry would get away with such things?

Celebrity photos are hardly in the public interest, after all.

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