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In a shameful journalistic episode in 2005, the Economist got CSR so badly wrong in a special report by the since-departed Clive Crook, insiders noted the paper received more letters than just about ever before on one topic.

We wrote a swift response in the magazine which was well received by many business readers. On re-reading, I now think, although right, it’s a little pompous. Judge for yourself here.

Since then, however, the paper (and it is a newspaper, it says, not a magazine) has realised that some large companies, in many cases as much in action than rhetoric, are changing the way they work in response to the modern sustainability agenda.

In early 2008, the Economist went a long way to mending its reputation for responding to the responsible business agenda by publishing this special report, edited by Daniel Franklin.

We recently interviewed Daniel here.

Six days ago, another good article appeared, among others recently, on the Economist.com website.

Take a look at it by clicking here.

It’s a decent piece, but I think on the current climate of spending cuts, its a bit more upbeat than the situation right now on CSR reflects.

I’ve heard about too many CSR team layoffs since January to be as enthusiastic as the Economist is about the prospects, at least this year, for CSR-related investments to be maintained.

My sense is that pretty much everything not related to this years immediate bottom line, with some notable exceptions among the more mature large firms committed to sustainability, is on hold in many companies.

Tell me I’m wrong…

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