Modern CSR motivation: Some useful stats on the pay gap

Here’s some pay gap numbers you might find useful/interesting.

CEO’s of the UK’s largest companies earned 81 times the average pay of full-time workers in 2009.

That’s up from 47 times the average pay of full-time workers in 2000.

In the USA top CEOs in 2008 earned 319 times more than the average worker. (Surely, no-one is worth that multiple?)

Income inequality in the US is at its highest since 1929, similar to other leading English-speaking economies, according to John Plender in the Financial Times recently.

(The original JP Morgan himself, no paragon of corporate virtue and the most successful banker in history, believed that no CEO should earn more than 20 times the wage of his lowest paid employee.)

(The Week / Income Data Services, 15/01/11)

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