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Mini management briefing on seafood and aquaculture sustainability + upcoming D.C. conference

Here’s a free mini management briefing from us at Innovation Forum on seafood and aquaculture sustainability, highly relevant for the US market and global companies working in seafood sustainability and CSR. Enjoy.

The briefing is designed to provide ‘big picture’ analysis, as well as an indication of what’s happening on the ground.

The report includes analysis around:

· Sustainability trends – aquaculture as a supplement to sustainable natural seafood sources.
· Cross-sector collaboration – corporate-NGO partnerships that deliver.
· Emerging threats – how are retailers mitigating risk in their supply chain?
· Data digest – latest research and reports on seafood sourcing.
· Activists and Campaigning – Who’s targeting whom and why: NGO focus on GM, traceability and slavery and forced labour in seafood supply chains.








You can get a copy of the report here. It’s also embedded below.

We’ll be debating all this at Innovation Forum’s Sustainable seafood conference in Washington, DC on 24th -25th May. With: Hilton, Nestle, Greenpeace, Albion Fisheries, Oceana, Nutreco, Tri Marine, New Mexico Shrimp Company and many more.

Click here for details on that or email: Charlenne.Ordonez@innovation-forum.co.uk

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