Mike Barry from M&S on sustainability strategy

A week or so ago I spent an interesting hour with Mike Barry at Marks & Spencer.

I first interviewed Mike back in 2002. What a different world we live now.

Here’s the podcast we taped last week. If you are an EC subscriber, compare it to our conversation eight years ago here.

It was the 31st article I published on Ethicalcorp.com back in January 2002. We’re now on almost 7000 articles since then. 6862 so far to be exact.

Back then it was all about risk. Risk spotting and basic management. Now, more than ever for companies who really get sustainability, like M&S, it’s much more about opportunity.

The podcast shows how important leadership is in driving sustainability into strategy. As Mike says in the podcast, Stuart Rose, CEO since 2004, was instrumental in making it happen.

The podcast was fascinating. Check it out for yourself and post a comment. I’ve already had one CEO message me on Twitter having only listened to half of it, saying how useful he found it. That was great to hear.

This month, in April’s edition of Ethical Corporation we’ve published a major briefing on ethical branding. Check it out here.

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