A microcosm of Microsoft vs. Google, or coincidence?

Microsoft vs. Google appears to extend to sustainability.

Warning, if you are not a tech-watcher, this post may bore you and is best deleted or ignored.

Visit Microsoft’sLocal Impact” maps on their sustainability website using Google’s Chrome browser and this is what you see: (click on the image to enlarge it)

Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories. My experience is cock-up rules over intention, but I have never seen this before in Chrome. The map works in other browsers, such as… Internet Explorer!

You can’t say it’s not a competitive tech environment out there!

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  1. Just another confirmation that Microsoft doesnt "get it" – sustainability is not about silly marketing hype or tech squabbles. If the company goes through the process of creating sustainability report, then refuses to make it as widely available as possible, then something is wrong with them. Hopeless…..

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