Managing oneself: An essay for your CEO

Here’s something for your CEO to read. And for all of us to take note of. Drucker’s 2005 essay “Managing Oneself“.

Short, beautifully practical and deeply thoughtful, this is something we should all read at least once a year. I’ve posted it before on this blog, but it’s so damn good I should post it regularly in case someone misses it.

This tome is not bad either, also by Drucker. Along with Bowen, Drucker’s post-war thinking on the role of business in society was summed up by this quote of his from 1954:

“… the business enterprise must be so managed as to make the public good become the private good of the enterprise. …To make certain that this assertion does not remain lip service but becomes hard fact is the most important, the ultimate responsibility of management: to itself, to the enterprise, to our heritage, to our society and to our way of life.”

These days we have become so detached from many of Drucker’s ideas that we call this “embedding CSR”.

Back then, as it should be now, it’s just better management.

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