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London School of Economics lectures website, a useful resource

As I was working tonight I was looking at the public lecture files I’ve been downloading for the last decade and wondering which were still relevant.

Is a talk given at the LSE five years ago on human rights, for example, still useful?

The answer of course, is yes, and no. The fundamentals are the same. The context changes fast.

But you don’t need to ponder it much, because the good folks at the LSE are busy, very busy, putting up new talks all the time.

There’s plenty here on international business related issues: human rights, the environment, governance, globalisation, development.

The names of the speakers are impressive big brained public figures and academics.

Check out the latest speeches and discussions here. I’ve just downloaded about 15. Beats watching TV. They can go on in the gym, or on the way to work.

(OK, they don’t beat Breaking Bad or True Detective but you’ll learn more. Now I’ve written that, I should turn off my music and put an LSE talk on myself)

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