London may be the heart of global corporate responsibility…

What with all our corporate HQ’s, NGO offices and aggressive media, that seems to the general consensus.

Seeing as Britain stands somewhere in between the laissez-faire US regulatory system and the socially democratic environment of Western Europe, it makes sense to claim that.

Of course, it may not be true forever, but seems to be the case still right now, arguably.

But that doesn’t mean quality of life here in London is anywhere near perfect. Geoffrey Lean reports something many Londoners know this morning, that we are in the most polluted city in Europe in some ways.

Our government may have the most progressive national laws and targets on carbon dioxide, but the downside means the diesel engines in the capital apparently kill more than 4000 people in the city each year.

All this because we can’t pull together a coherent national policy on particulate matter from engines.

Time for a change of government. The problem is, most of us have little confidence in the Conservatives to do anything about this kind of problem either. Here’s to hoping.


  1. I've long maintained that the heart of the worldwide CSR movement lies in the Channel, somewhere between London and Amsterdam. I've no issue with slipping it a degree or two west.

    I hadn't considered the capitalist continuum and Britain's place, dead center: nicely reasoned. My own anecdotal judgment was based primarily upon what I see emanating from academia and in the form of business practice from the countries involved.

  2. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

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