List of good community initiatives – your help needed

UK readers: Who are the inner city charities and education/youth projects that work? And not just in London, but elsewhere in the UK.

Apologies to my overseas readers, but I want to focus on the UK for this post, perhaps understandably)

I am compiling a list of locally-based community organisations for businesses to donate to in light of the recent riots and looting all over London.

This is urgent and important, so please take a minute to post your suggestions on the blog.

I’ve mentioned the Boxing Academy, based in Tottenham and Hackney, that offers an alternative to school exclusion in those areas.

One other is Reprezent 107.3FM. It’s a community radio station by and for young people in London. It now covers Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark, Lambeth, Bromley, Croydon, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and parts of Newham. The approximate listenership is 60,000 (FM), and 12,000 (online) 13 to 25 year olds.

Please add your comments. If business would like to help work to secure an operating environment in London, companies large and small will need to get involved, long term.

These technology-coordinated events of serious social unrest are likely just beginning. Business will need to play a role.

Let’s work out how money should be best used. My view is that’s through small, community-based organisations run by local people who know their areas. Big NGOs won’t be able to help much here. We need a list of smaller charities for companies to put into their budgets.

Yes of course it’s more complex than this. Of course here are bigger questions raised that need to be thought about and discussed in detail about the direction our society is heading in. Of that there is no doubt.

In the meantime, help me put together a list of organisations that can help this year and next. They matter most in the very short term, whilst we work out the longer term plan.

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  1. The Complete Works is a London based charity that aims to promote the advancement of education for young people. They work with young people excluded from mainstream education, young offenders and those at risk of offending.

    They take creative projects into mainstream schools including: plays, film projects and music workshops. The inspiration for creative projects comes from the young people, who set the agenda.


  2. Anonymous

    Check out Live Magazine, a free quarterly magazine, website and community created entirely by young people aged 14-22


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