Limits to legal liabilities of big companies are being tested

The Times has a fascinating story on its website, published yesterday, that rounds up some of the big cases set to grab media headlines, at least, on human rights and big business.

Check it out here .

The story covers both the alleged denial of climate change by business, and the ongoing Trafigura case from 2006.

The Trafigura case, which we covered here and here. A longer article is here .

The case against the oil companies, “alleging that they have funded false science designed to mislead the public as to the dangers of global warming”, according to the Times, is clearly a public awareness campaign of sorts.

Little hope of a satisfactory legal conclusion for the communities bringing the case, I would have thought.

But the Trafigura case has potential to run for years, and has already seen company executives imprisoned in Ivory Coast, where the pollution incident took place.

And the BBC has been dragged in, sued by the company involved for libelling them in a recent broadcast here.

This is a bad move by the company, despite feeling wronged.

It guarantees them hostile attention from the BBC for years to come.

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