CR lessons for oil and gas companies

Oil and gas executives are hard-nosed folks.

They have to be, given the industry they work in. It’s a tough business.

So hearing how they can learn from failure in the industry when it comes to corporate responsibility ought to be something they can handle. 

A new book offers some lessons. It’s called “Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility: oil multinationals and social challenges“. 

Here’s an extract from that review:

“Three town halls built in a village to placate three rival local chiefs; donated mosquito nets immediately sold for export; Asian-made condoms too small for the African men to whom they are distributed; a road built by an oil company that runs parallel to another built by a development agency. Everyone who works in corporate responsibility will know of plenty of examples of this kind of failure.”

The book is expensive. But oil and gas firms can likely afford it. Some good lessons here. 

(By the way, I’m not saying above that there have not been some successes for oil and gas firms relating to corporate responsibility. There have been many. It’s just that you learn more from failure than success, usually, that’s why I mention the book here)

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