CSR and Sustainability

Lecture Two – The Business Case for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

So here’s week two of my ten lectures on responsible and sustainable business.

Embedded below and linked here, this week it’s the magical business case and how it stacks up for strategy, investors, and of course, for companies themselves.

The first lecture on where CR came from and the course outline with links to readable articles is here.

For readers who like this, Mallen Baker and I have put together a complete online training course on all this, with short, interesting videos covering all this and more.

Take a look at it at: http://g2g-training.com

You even get a certificate afterwards/

What does it cover?

The eight modules are:

  1. Introduction to CSR
  2. The Business Case
  3. CR and Sustainability Reporting
  4. Supply chains, Environment and Human Rights
  5. Reputation, Marketing and Communications
  6. Business and NGOs
  7. Employees and Internal Engagement
  8. Making it Happen for your Business

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