Kudos to ING

Here at Ethical Corporation, we’ve been researching sustainable finance for a conference we intend to host later in the year, in early December 2011.

As part of that we’ve interviewed about thirty senior executives, in depth, at large financial institutions.

One of the companies we interviewed was ING.

To be precise my colleague Catherine McNally spoke with no less than four executives from ING who were incredibly open and helpful.

Reviewing the call notes to help structure our agenda with my colleague, I couldn’t help but be incredibly impressed by their openness, commitment, knowledge and transparency around difficult and complex issues.

ING seems to me a bank to keep an eye on. I’m no sustainable finance expert, but they really seem to know their stuff.

Like a lot of Netherlands-based firms, they come across as modest, serious and thoughtful, and just quietly getting on with the job of embedding sustainability.

Here’s an article I wrote about them three years ago, in case it might be of interest.

And here’s a link to the extensive country briefing on sustainable business in the Netherlands we published recently.

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