Knowledge into wisdom

Friends tell me I am too hard on myself.

I generally never believe anything I’ve done is good enough. Whatever I do can always be better.

That’s a helpful paradigm for self-improvement, but not perhaps for overall happiness or satisfaction.

My biggest self-criticism (among many!) has been the knowledge/wisdom conundrum.

I know I have a lot of knowledge about ethical and sustainable business.

Being obsessively interested in one area has its upsides after a dozen years.

But how much wisdom have I been able to take from that?

It’s becoming easier over time to isolate the difference between the two.

Case histories, experience, personal screw ups, business mistakes, they have all helped.

I’ve realised that while knowledge is an essential base for wisdom, there comes a time when one has to think ever more carefully about the distinction, and focus much more on the latter than the former.

That’s why my new year resolution is simple: remember that anything significant always ends up in good books.

So read books rather than news.

Simple, and so far in 2012, already surprisingly effective.


  1. Couldn't agree more, Toby. My 'read more books' resolution is holding up so far. I enjoyed David Jones' 'Who Cares Wins' and am getting into Chris Rose's 'What Makes People Tick'. I can also recommend 'Moneyball'.

  2. Iveta

    Embedding sustainability vs. old school way of doing things;
    Informal vs old school way of doing things;
    The break down of hierarchies vs. old school way of doing things;
    Realizing happiness and being "unprofessional" matters vs. old way of doing things….

    All that is part of the same movement and change,I think. In other words, be easier on yourself – you owe it to the sustainability wave…

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