Key industries and issues analysed Ethical Corp’s Feb edition

Here below are some highlights of what’s coming up in Ethical Corporation’s February 2010 issue.


1) Copenhagen special report

An 8-page in depth analysis of the Copenhagen climate summit and what it means for business.

Interviews and comment
• Some background to what happened at Copenhagen and some behind the scenes insight into what happened before and during the summit.
• Focus on how the summit’s outcomes will impact on what companies need now to be thinking about in terms of climate change, and giving examples of how it will affect best practice strategy.

Analysis of the accord
• What are the big picture, macro-level implications at a national level (in brief)
• How are companies operating in different sectors going to be affected?
• Reaction from NGOs and companies: are the outcomes of the summit what they wanted? or expected?

Focus on the reaction from the right in the US from Ethical Corporation columnist Jon Entine.

Data and analysis from Ethical Corporation’s research team.

2 Cars – have they really improved?

• A new report ranks car manufacturers by sustainability. Toyota and BMW leaders. GM the laggard.
• What are the leading car companies doing?
• Are they taking advantage of the opportunities from developing low/non emissions cars?
• How is the approach from US/European/Asian manufacturers differing?

Plus an in-depth interview with one of India’s leading entrepreneurs Chetan Maini, deputy chairman and CTO, Reva Electric Car Company.

Country briefing – Germany

The first in a regular series of 8 page country briefings, incorporating the best research and statistics from Ethical Corporation’s team, and comment and analysis from the leading companies.

• What are the big CR issues in Germany and which companies are the leaders.
• Case studies of the some of the big players.
• NGO viewpoints
• Analysis of the political situation and how this impacts on corporate sustainability from Ethical Corporation’s politics editor.

Strategy and management

Special focus on ISO 26000

• ISO’s new 26000 voluntary guidance standard on social responsibility will be released in 2010.
• It’s designed to “encourage voluntary commitment to social responsibility and lead to common guidance on concepts, definitions and methods of evaluation”.
• What’s it going to be about? Who will be affected? What do companies make of it?
• Plus personal insight from leading consultant Paul Hohnen, who examines the background to the standard’s development and speculates on its eventual impact.


Our regular roundup of what the NGOs, consultants and voluntary sector programmes are up to, with highlights from new corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives from companies large and small.


The usual pithy comment from our regulars Mallen Baker, Paul French and Peter Knight, and introducing our new columnist Brendan May who will be writing – amongst other issues – about communications and corporate strategy.


Alongside the usual roundup of business school news and some suggested new reading February’s corporate responsibility report reviews will be of the latest offerings from Monsanto and Deloitte.

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