Ken leaves Barbie over rainforest destruction

I imagine Mattel are horrified at this. (The embedded video, if you read this via email)

But then they shouldn’t be sourcing from Asia Pulp & Paper. Greenpeace are 100% sure that they are. It may be inadvertent but either way the lesson is clear: Any large brand is vulnerable to campaigns if they have APP in their supply chain.

I would imagine Mattel will soon do the smart thing and dump APP, along with everyone else.

Other toy companies, including Hasbro, Lego and Disney are also implicated by Greenpeace.

Time to get their houses in order on rainforest packaging. One more sustainability issue to focus on in a serious way

I wonder how Cohn & Wolfe will try and spin APP out of this one?

Should be interesting to see.

Even the fat crisis retainer they are getting, is unlikely to help them be more creative than Greenpeace.

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