Just back from Russia, new CR podcasts online soon

I’ve just returned from St Petersburg, where I was moderating a session at the EABIS annual conference.

In case you don’t know EABIS, it’s the European Academy of Business in Society, run by a good friend of mine, the excellent Simon Pickard, and his colleagues.

Every year, they bring together some of the leading academics and business leaders to talk about the big trends in corporate responsibility and sustainability research.

It’s always a fascinating conference given that there’s much less PR a fair bit more depth than most conferences (including our own!).

The downside of academics is that some of them can either be too broad, or too narrow, in their research, for my tastes at least.

And some of it can be very dense and hard to understand. But on the whole, I’d take their evidence-based approach over standard fare any time.

Of course, academia, like other areas of CR, suffers from the ideological curse that can affect us all in the field, from time to time. But that’s a topic for another post.

I enjoyed moderating a panel on emerging markets and sustainability performance, with Peter Lacy at Accenture, who has done some very useful research in the area.

Other speakers included a Russian, Indian and Chinese perspective, all in ninety minutes.

I had a good chat with Nikolay Pryanishnikov, President/CEO of Microsoft Russia.

Given my previous posting on the NY Times piece on Microsoft in Russia, I was looking forward to interviewing him.

He turned out to be a fascinating guy, having done a PHD in how business responds to financial crisis after the Russian financial crisis of 1998. And had some very interesting things to say on tape, and off-line.

I taped a podcast with him which I will post a link to as soon as it is online.

Meanwhile you can sign up for automatic podcast updates from us at: http://www.ethicalcorp.com/content_list.asp?m=ctl&ct=61

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