July/August issue highlights

Here’s what’s coming up in the July-August 2010 of Ethical Corporation below.

EthicsWatch analysis
Mobile phones and new links to cancer
Social media, campaigning and senior managemen
Brands, Labour standards and the ILO in Haiti
Infant formula milk marketing: The state of play

Briefing: supply chains
The big supply chain challenges: human rights, labour rights, wages, child labour.
In depth case studies including Nike, Adidas, Marks & Spencer and Levi Strauss.
Analysis of methods that solve the problems

Country Briefing: Brazil
1. Overview/intro
2. The big CR issues
3. NGO and corporate body viewpoints
4. Analysis of government/politics influence on sustainable business


Full product transparency

With different labels for different environmental criteria, how can consumers really compare products, their ingredients and the impact of their manufacture?
Is full product transparency the only answer?

Strategy and management

CR case study – McLibel
The next in Ethical Corporation’s series of classic corporate responsibility stories.

Remuneration related to CR metrics

Some companies are now including CR metrics when setting pay and compensation levels. How is this best achieved?

Review section

Reports: Centrica and Verizon
Academic news


Paul French – China column
Mallen Baker
Jon Entine
Peter Knight – Letter from America

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