Journalism and sustainable paper

Here’s a potentially fascinating story which we are looking into.

Among others Gannett, the biggest US newpaper chain, and the New York Times, are now sourcing their newsprint paper from China, due to cost. The troubled LA Times, still making good money but with governance fights going on internally, will also source Chinese paper to save some bucks. This is according to the FT:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/89640b28-6885-11db-90ac-0000779e2340.html

But China has few trees, and probably not many to spare. So where will this ‘Chinese’ paper actually come from? Likely it will be illegally harvested in Burma (payoff for peace between ethic groups and the government is lots of logging and wood shipping into Yunnan and other provinces over the land border) or Indonesia, where a combination of wood demand world-wide and growth in the palm oil market means continued widespread illegal deforestation while the resource strapped government stands by.

So, will America’s finest journalism now be printed on unsustainable and illegal paper? We’re looking into it and will keep you posted on the site and on the blog.

Lisa Roner, our North America Editor, will be asking the questions.

Toby, Editor

P.S. In case you are wondering, we do have our own house in order, all Ethical Corporation magazines and brochures are printed on sustainable paper. (Greencoat plus).

p.p.s see this link for interesting history and predictions on the future of news media: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/f345f3fe-6901-11db-b4c2-0000779e2340.html


  1. There is no excuse at all for printing anything on illegal and unsustainable paper. There are a whole range of choices for companies, including SmartWood, the FSC approved scheme administered by the New York based Rainforest Alliance. Some huge paper companies like Domtar are well down the path to sustainability in their product offer. GREENWASHER

  2. Would be worth raising a collective stink if the NYT, LA Times and the like have the gall to publish any future articles on illegal logging, international corporations being complicit in Chinese wrongdoing etc …


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