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Join us in London on May 19-20 for the Responsible Business Summit

My colleague Elina Yumasheva at Ethical Corporation, along with Liam Dowd, the marketing manager, are doing an excellent job on the Responsible Business Summit 2014, which takes place in London on May 19-20.

I hope some blog readers will come and join us at the event, which I believe will be the best ever. I know I say that every year but in 2014 I am really proud of what the team has pulled together with a little help from me.

I’ve had a hand in the agenda and some of the invitations, and we’ve tried to do two things.

One, link the agenda with real genuine business advantage and innovation that leads from sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Two, take the level of speakers up a notch, have more CEOs on board in Q&A format with good moderators, and then move onto hearing from department heads etc.

The agenda is here, I think it is worth you taking a look at. And I may be able to get you a discount if you get in touch.

Here’s a few lines about what it will deliver:

  • Responsible business leadership: Hear from more than 15 leading CEOs and C-suite members on the future of responsible business
  • Life cycle innovation: How to build sustainability into product and performance, reducing negative impacts and achieving efficiency
  • Inspire your people to come up with innovative sustainability ideas. Learn how incentivise and cultivate an ethical and responsible attitude
  • Integrated thinking: Learn practical ways to embed sustainability in everything your company does for increased business performance
Here’s a full speaker list. Hope to see you there!

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