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We are live!

Dear all

The Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility course is now open and the students signed up are already starting to work their way through the video-on-demand content.

Want to join them? There’s still time. Sign up on-line, pay with your credit card and you could be inside the portal and making a start within a minute!

Remember, the Getting to Grips with CR introductory course gives you a thorough overview and grounding – covering eight areas.

  • Introduction to key concepts
  • The business case
  • CR reporting
  • Supply chain
  • Communications and responsible marketing
  • Employees
  • Dealing with NGOs
  • Making it happen inside your business

Want to see it in action – take a look at our introductory video.

In any case, now is the time to act. The doors will have to close soon so all the students can move forward at roughly the same pace.

Best wishes

Toby and Mallen