Joel Makower is right about green marketing

Joel argues that green marketing is over. I believe he is right.

You should read his piece as to why.

Joel argues that it’s been tried long and hard enough by enough mainstream brands that we now have the evidence to make the case that it doesn’t work.

That’s true for sure.

Rather than find that depressing, I think it’s a reason to celebrate.

Why? Because sustainable business is only going ‘mainstream’ if it delivers products and services with a broad range of benefits. Just look at the evidence.

Green alone, like any other single factor, is just not enough.

It’s been said for years. Consumers are inherently ahead of ‘green’ marketers.

They respond to quality, price, utility, practicality and yes, some emotion.

That means sustainable companies and their output will never be ‘green’.

It will just be better, smarter, more innovative business.

Hooray for smarter business, not greener products.

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